Cable Management

Bringing power to the workstation with Single or Dual Tier Cable Basket Kits, Power Rails, Pop Up Power Units and much more

Boardroom Table Boxes
Sits in table top,suits cut out 295mm x 148mm. Bead blasted natural finish.Features:Lid closes to ob..
Dual Tier Cable Basket Kit
Features:Takes Power and DataConnects to Wall Starter, Adjoining Cable Basket or Power Pole KitInclu..
Flip Box Power
Features:Sits flush in the desk or table topLinks to cable basket, adjoining power rail, wall starte..
In Desk Module
In Desk Power Module. Ideal for Single Stand Alone Open Or Corner Workstations.Features:Fits into st..
Pop-Up Power Module
Above Desk Power or Power and USB. Great for single workstations, hot desks and boardrooms.Features:..
Power Pole Kit
Power pole kit will run power from ceiling to workstation, used in conjunction with ceiling starter ..
Power Rails
Power Rail that clamps on to desk and links to cable basketFeatures:Clamps on to deskLinks to cable ..
Single Tier Cable Basket Kits
Features:Connects to Wall Starter, Adjoining Cable Basket or Power Pole KitLinks to Above Desk Power..
Umbilical Power Pole
Features:Flexible and Attractive method of carrying wires from ceiling to cable basket or above desk..
Wireless Charging Pad
In -Desk Charging Pad. Cable Free Wireless Charging to all QI Compatible Devices.Features:Sits in 80..
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