Glassboards are ideal for modern communication.Ideal in meeting rooms, training rooms, breakout area..
Glassboard Pen Tray
Pen Tray for GlassboardStainless steel fittings..
Glassboard With Logo
Standard Glassboard customized for your corporate logo printed on it...
Magnetic Black Glassboard
Now Glassboard is also available in BLACK, forget dusty old chalkboards. Our magnetic glass never st..
Magnetic Glass Whiteboard
Magnetic glass whiteboard is the most stylish and professional communication board available in Aust..
Magnetic Glassboard
A stylish glass writing board that's also magnetic! LIFETIME Warranty on erasing. The surface n..
Starphire Glassboard
Standard safety glass contains iron oxides which imparts a slight green tinge. The green tinge can a..
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