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BROWNBUILT OFFICE MAXTOR: Amongst the Office Maxtor's many attributes two significant benefits stand out:

  • Space: Compact storage means that costly floor space is saved, by up to half.
  • Time: File access is quicker due to better organization and controlled storage.

Office Maxtor is designed for complete integration into any office environment:

  • Modular Platform Base: Welded pre-fabricated steel base modules mean that there's no need for floor preparation, and adjustable feet compensate for uneven floors. Welded steel channels form a self-contained track supporting the cabinets and mobiles. Lateral guide channels, which accommodate mobile lateral guide wheels, act as anti-tilt mechanisms for the storage cabinets.
  • Mobiles: Welded steel box sections are supported by crowned load wheels fitted with ball bearings for ease of movement and horizontal lateral guide wheels prevent cabinets from tipping. Tandem linking kits can be fitted to the base and mobiles, allowing Office Maxtor units to be installed as/or extended to two (2) bay wide units. Brownbuilt Office Maxtor units are now available with the option of mechanically-assisted consoles as standard or as a retro-fit option for two-bay wide systems.   
  • Cabinets: Flush fitting metal cabinets with internal bolted assembly ensure a quality exterior furniture finish, with durable powder coat paint finishes utilised as standard. A range of heights, widths, and depths maximise office storage space and welded internal shelf supports with 25mm vertical adjustment to ensure storage flexibility and internal space utilisation. Office Maxtor cabinets can be fitted with an extensive range of filing and storage accessories for a multi-media storage facility.
  • The Video Maxtor storage unit utilises specific cabinets that are 162mm deep to suit VHS video cassette and DVD storage.
  • Locking: All Office Maxtor units are fitted with a standard single-point, internal, key-activated locking mechanism fixing into the platform base, with an optional overhead locking system available for greater security.
  • SCEC endorsed class B and C security Maxtor storage unit designs are available to eligible government departments and agencies.


  • Cabinet Heights: 2000mm (2170mm overall)
              2150mm (2320mm overall)
              2150mm high cabinets not available as 325mm deep single-face bays
  • Cabinet Widths: 760mm/910mm/1210mm
  • Base Widths: 800mm/950mm/1250mm
  • Standard Lengths: 2560mm/3200mm/4160mm
  • Shelf Dimensions: Width: 750mm/900mm/1200mm
  • Depth: 300mm/400mm

  • Shelf Capacity: 750mm: 110kg per shelf evenly distributed
              900mm: 110kg per shelf evenly distributed
              1200mm: 75kg per shelf evenly distributed
  • Material Thickness: 0.8mm (Carcass)3.0mm (Base)
  • Finish: Powder coat (45-50 microns)
  • 11 standard colours for storage cabinets
  • Non-standard colours subject to minimum quantities
  • Mobiles and bases finished in black
  • Warranty: 5 years

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