Office Furniture For Your Criteria - ergonomic office chair

High Back Ergonomic Chair EG100BH
Ergonomic Operator Chair with two lever mechanism for excellent back and lumbar support.Special Pric..
High Back Ergonomic Chair EG500H
High Back Ergonomic Operator Chair with a 3 lever heavy duty mechanism, pronounced lumbar and back s..
Medium Back Ergonomic Operator Chair EG500M
Fully Ergonomic Operator Chair with Medium Back and three lever mechanism.Features include: AFRDI ac..
Medium Back Manager Chair Atlas
Atlas Manager Chair with a medium back is AFRDI approved and has a heavy duty chrome base with 3..
Operator Chair ECO70BM
$199.00 $185.00
Highly soft after Operator Chair with great back support for correct posture providing comfortable s..
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