Office Furniture For Your Criteria - educational seating

Breakout Chair Blaze Light
With its graceful curves and arcs, the Blaze Light is the perfect soft seating chair. Comes in singl..
Cafe Seating Boom
The Boom Collection contains single, double and corner units. Use them singularly or as collectives ..
Cube Ottoman Wonky
The Wonky Cube Ottoman has a slightly higher back than front, which tilts you slight;ly forward when..
Curve Ottoman Quadrant
Quadrant collection consists of curved ottoman which provide multiple level of seating. Add two sect..
Educational Seating Wedge
Liven up your space with colourful seating Wedge. The Wedge Bench is longer on one side which enable..
Genesis Ottoman
The Genesis Ottoman is fitted with a handle for a quick and easy pick up. Is wedge shape allows mult..
Lounge Seating Spot Matt
The Spot Matt comes in four different diameters to best suit your space. At only 100mm high, it is s..
Mix Tiered Ottoman
Mix Ottomans can be used in variety of ways to enhance your space. Use two together, one of its own ..
Mound Ottoman
Invest in this high quality soft seating to achieve a collaborative and modern style. Fetaures:..
Orbit Ottoman
Use the Orbit Ottoman on its own, or with other items in the seating collection to create your own i..
Reception Seating Romano
Romano is a comfortable lounge that provides comfort, space and privacy. Wrap screen helps to tune o..
Training Conference Seating Zing
The Zing collection is avaialbale in single, double, triple, joiner and semicircle options. Use the ..
Waiting Room Seating Rotunda
Rotunda collection offers curved and straight options as well as low, high or no back pieces. fill y..
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